Shop Like A College Student: Saving Money In 4-Easy Steps

I LOVE to shop. My style, from the eclectic shoes to the bright lipstick, show to the world exactly who I am and what I stand for. Of course, being fashion-forward can come with a hefty price. As a business major, it is important to me to pinch every penny possible. Here are my easy steps to saving money without having to cut out the stress-freeing splurge: 

Focus on the Clearance Rack

For anything that I do not deem “necessary”, which is composed of almost everything that is not food and face soap, I direct my gaze solely on the clearance rack. This is a great way to spend less than the typical market value for goods and push yourself to try new products that you might not otherwise experience. (I found my favorite face cleanser on a clearance rack at Target and I have not bought any other brand since!) 

By only allowing yourself to shop on these deal-seeker designated racks, you do not have the FOMO on a fantastic new blouse. If the clearance is a good deal, there is not reason to deny yourself the splendid purchase. 

Using Free Coupons

Free Coupons

There are some strategies for getting free coupons. The first is taking advantage of newspaper. It is the common way in get coupons through newspaper insert. It is also a major way of people in getting free coupons. You just have to clip coupons on newspaper that you want to use. Commonly, once a week, newspaper inserts coupons info. So you just read the newspaper in coupons column, clip what you want, organize those coupons, and then go to the stores provided the coupons. Last, you just have to redeem your coupons to the cashiers or persons in charge. 

The second strategy of getting free coupons is by using online coupons such as BmarCoupons. When you are doing shopping online, you may see the coupon code box shown up in the cart. It may be labeled promo code, offer code, discount code, and others. The coupon codes give you the clues of what kind of discount provided. Then, to get the coupon, you have to apply first. In applying the coupons code you get, you just have to retype the code into code box and then click the button apply. A thing that you need to consider, you should to use reputable websites. 

Don’t spend more than you’ve got.

I keep a meticulously detailed budget, and with the advent of smartphones, it has never been easier to be money conscious! Some choose to use a budgeting app; however, I find that being able to customize the columns in a simple spreadsheet on my Google Sheets app makes keeping my bank account balance in check as easy as adding nail polish to my Amazon cart. 

Genius Tip: If a product pushes you to the edge of your budget, use the wonderful piece of technology in your hand to clip online coupons. This can make it more affordable to purchase that adorable new bag that you had not planned on finding and can even save you money on your everyday purchases. 

Use the 3-Day rule

When I find myself questioning if a new purchase is worth the cost, I utilize the 3-Day Rule. It’s simple. Just walk away from the $15.99 pair of sunglasses that would be perfect for that trip you are taking at the end of the month and wait. If you are still thinking about the polarized lenses and golden rims three days later, make the purchase! If you aren’t, the product has already left your mind and you are no worse for wear.

I hope that these tips help you to “Shop Like a College Student” and still afford those almost-designer outfits while saving enough money for rent, books, and, of course, ramen.

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